What happened to the Military and Flying Machines show ?

If you've clicked on this link, you're probably wondering why you're looking at a website called Echoes of History, rather than the Military and Flying Machines show.

Many of the show team have been running events for several years, starting as far back as the mid-1980s. From time to time, we have had to re-look at what we do and how it is done. This has been from changing the venues where events are held, to changing what forms part of an event. We learnt from holding the 2017 event, that there was an increased interest in multi-period displays and also took into consideration that our events are not now being held at active airfields due to the difficulties with obtaining permission for flying displays from the CAA.

The team decided that when we came back from our break in 2018, The 2019 show should have a new name to better reflect these changes. One of our association members suggested the new title: "Echoes of History", and the charity trustees agreed these changes both in name and format should go ahead. We intend to keep many of the best elements of our old events, so you will still see great vehicle displays, military re-enactments and arena events. But we also want to encourage groups that represent other periods of history as well. This is an interesting and fun way to learn about our past; as one of our visitors said: “see a lot, learn a lot”

The best thing about our event, is having members of the public coming back year after year. It makes it all worth the effort our volunteer team puts in to make the event happen. We have made some great memories as a result of past Military and Flying Machines Shows and it is now time to make some new ones. This is our first year in a new venue and with an exciting, new format which we will build on for the future, we are certain you will have a great time!

Does that mean you're never going to have any flying exhibits again ?
Absolutely not, but we want to ensure that we focus on the largest part of the show, the exhibitors.
Running an event at an active airfield in recent years has become much more difficult and expensive following the crash at Shoreham air show, and as a charity, it got to the stage where it was too expensive to do so

Can I bring my military vehicle without a display?
Absolutely, you're more than welcome to bring your vehicle, indeed we encourage you to do so

What about bringing my classic car?
We're accepting bookings for older historic class vehicles, however, space is limited for the 2019 show

My living history group has never been to your show before, can we book in?
Absolutely, click here for the application form, we welcome multi-period displays as well as re-enactors