Exhibitor FAQ's for Echoes of History 2020

The main show days are on Saturday the 8th & Sunday the 9th of August, from 10am to 5pm daily for the public. The named contact on the event form must ensure all your other guests/staff/re-enactors have the correct wristbands, which will be available from the Booking in Tent near the Exhibitors entrance, as only holders of valid wristbands will be allowed to remain on site. Random checks of wristbands will be carried out by our team to ensure only authorised personnel are permitted on site.
A: Please refer to the 'Getting to the show by Road' entry within the 'Traders and Exhibitors' menu on our website.
A: The general public are not permitted on the site after 6pm. However, stall holders and exhibitors are allowed on the site after this time. There will be random checks of wristbands to ensure only authorised personnel are permitted on site.
A: The site will have it's own 24/7 dedicated security team for the build-up to the show, during the show and for the period until we vacate the site.
A: No, as per the Civil Aviation Authority's notes, you 'cannot fly drones over of within 150 metres of an organised open-air assembly of more than 1,000 persons, nor can you fly within 50 metres of any vehicle or structure that is not under the drone pilot's control', in practice, this means that the entire showground is out of bounds for drones.
A: Yes they are, they must be on a leash at all times. However please be aware there will be loud unexpected bangs and noises, also, there will be large vehicles and tanks movements so please ensure you take care.
A: Yes, to ensure greater security on our site overnight, there will be random checks of wristbands to ensure only authorised personnel are permitted on site, wristbands will be available from the Booking in Tent near the Exhibitors entrance entitling authorised people to stay. Vehicle owners will be given up to a maximum of 2 adult and 2 child wristbands. There are separate arrangements for pre-booked re-enactment groups. Stallholders will be given 3 wristbands unless prior arrangements have been made in advance. All other entrants will be charged for additional wristbands at the vehicle entrance staff's discretion - their decision is final. All vehicle entry booking details will be confirmed via email ONLY unless your posted entry contains a stamped self-addressed envelope

A: There is a dedicated car park for Support and stallholder vehicles. You will need to contact us in advance for vehicle owners using low-loaders in order that we can ensure we have arrangements on hand for your support vehicle arrival, including issuing a vehicle pass. You will need to park your vehicle in the parking space provided before we open to the public.

Large vehicles and towing trailers MUST come from the direction of Chelmsford/A12 not Latchingdon

A: If you have been to previous Military and Flying Machines shows, the rules are the same - for more information please see our rules for clarification or contact us directly if you need assistance. This remains a family show and we welcome good behaviour.
A: Stall holders can access the site as of Thursday 6th August after 2pm, whereas vehicle owners and re-enactors can arrive on Friday after 10am and classic cars can arrive on Friday after 2pm. The site will be closed to the public until Saturday. Please ensure you have checked in with one of our site team if you are unsure where you are to go before setting up a display or your tent. Please be aware that we may need to close areas off whilst some vehicles are positioned onsite. Please do not forget to ensure you have completed an application form and collected your wristbands from the Booking in Tent near the Exhibitors entrance.
A: Yes, you're welcome to have a BBQ, however you need to ensure that it's supervised at all times, and you need to have a fire extinguisher to hand (just in case).
A: Yes, the entertainment which has been laid on in the marquee is free - sadly the beer isn't!
A: You will need to leave the site by 12pm on Monday the 10th in order for the site owners to clear up.
A: Formed by historic military vehicle enthusiasts. The Essex Historic Military Vehicle Association was set up to continue the running of the Military and Flying Machines show, that has this year changed into the Echoes of History show as well as to assist in preserving our military heritage, an extension of the efforts that were previously done by the members of the Essex MVT. It is registered under the Charities Act 2011. No. 1155705.

It has a membership of over two hundred people with two hundred and fifty vehicles ranging from push bikes, jeeps and lorries through to artillery and tanks. Historic Military Vehicles are in much demand for fetes, shows, living history displays and film work. Our members vehicles date from WW1 and WW2 through to relatively modern examples such as Chieftain tanks. Visit our site for more information.